Last weekend I had the pleasure of participate and host the Brazilian Community Meetup 2014 in my home town Ribeirão Preto. The event took place in the Coworking space Ambiente CoNéctar.

During the weekend we had the opportunity to meet old friends once more and also to make new ones.

The event was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the community as whole, finding out problems and possible solutions.

We also had time to plan activities and share knowledge with the Working Groups (L10, WebMaker, WoMoz, Dev, FirefoxOS, Web Components, SUMO and Social Media/Marketing).

The agenda and also the results are posted in the wiki page of the event:

Check it our some awesome pictures took during the event:

As usual we had problems with the Internet connection =(

Despite the lack of capacity for definitions and the difficulty to accept different oppinions, IMHO the results of the event were good and a great year is coming!